Pastor Vince Wilczynski

Trying to describe myself can be tough, but here goes…..I grew up and have lived my entire life in the real world.  I come from a non-Christian home that lived through the pain of divorce and the aftermath of blending families.  I have lived a life that I was once ashamed of and when I was at the point of ending it all I prayed a simple prayer:  “God if You are real, You gotta make Yourself known and help me.”  I wish I could say that the Angels sang and His glory fell, but it didn’t happen.  It took two long years before I saw Him for who He is and who I could be in Him.  Once He became real to me I began a journey that is drawing me closer to Him each day.  I have not arrived.  I am not perfect.  God and I have a ton of work to do before that day ever arrives.  A life that I once felt wasn’t worth living found purpose and meaning in living for Him.  One of the best compliments I have ever gotten is “You are real. You are one of us and you help me understand what the Bible says to me today.”  Sometimes I make the Truth of Scripture painfully real and relevant to everyone in the room.  That is OK because when the Truth is brought into the light we are all better for it.
Pastor Vince and his family came to us July 15, 2012 after much prayer and seeking God’s guidance and direction for our church. We are so blessed to have him and his family leading and directing us, teaching us all how to grow closer to God, and challenging us to be more like Jesus.    Our Pastors Family:
His wife Deeann
Hannah (17)
Jared (14)
Kaitlyn (12) and
Rachel (11)

A church that knows, loves and serves God, the church, and the community.